Cooking Bacon on a Barbecue

Every few Sundays there’s one smell that I love coming down to in the morning. It’s a smell that prompts memories of childhood, of Sunday breakfast before a day of enjoying the outdoors with friends or sitting inside playing video games if the heavens opened up (and sometimes even if the rain stayed away, depending […]

Beat the bugs at your barbecue this summer

Barbecues are all about fun and enjoying a laugh in the sunshine (or a crisp autumn weekend) with friends and family. What’s not so much fun however, is feeling awful the next day or two (in some cases up to week) because of some under-cooked food or poor food hygiene at an outdoor eating event. […]

Make Your BBQ a Budget Meal

    Cooking on a budget can be fun at first however once the cycle of budget meals has spun round the dinner table a few times, families often become bored. Favourite budget meals include egg and bacon, sausage and mash, roast chicken, or burgers and chips yet even the hungriest person can groan when […]